Currently, there is a changing trend in companies to either outsource or organize all IT matters internally, both have some limitations, but it depends on the nature of the business and the use of internal IT resources, because outsourcing is also not easy.
Most of the companies do not even know when they make the IT outsourcing decision because they are not well aware of its subsequent effects, so it is better to understand the list of its effects that can be useful for the future companies and they can get an idea about it before making the decision to hire the company and the employee disruption from business to business, it includes several things like rude answers, wrong sharing of information and ignorance of assigned tasks.
How we know that good communication is the foundation of any business and when communication breaks down. for whatever reason, it means that the whole management and the bridge of trust are shaken, so outsourcing companies mostly forget about the workload, the communication with the clients must be perfect, whatever the situation with them.

Rarely accessible to experts

Most companies that hire IT outsourcing companies follow a formula at the beginning of the agreement that focuses on the client’s need and requirements with proper reporting, but once the payment dates and funds are received, they forget them. , although reports are important for rental companies at different stages of the business cycle, they don’t even care and don’t even report on time, which means they have several excuses to report. a big disaster for the rental company, because even they pay, but don’t get the desired results.

Data Security Question

Regarding data security, companies with average and below average customer ratings are employed who are not too famous with them, the security of the company’s data is always at risk because they can abuse it or even sell it to other companies even competitors to get more money in their pocket.
Data security is a big topic for every company, which companies know very well and they even know that there is a clear clause in the contract about the misuse of data with outsiders, but they also know that many companies do not have much time to do this to deal with such a problem, that’s why they use outsourcing for these things.

Unable to fulfill the contract

Most recruiting or recruiting companies know very well that the hiring companies do not have enough time and expertise to deal with IT issues, so they outsource it, so if they do not fulfill the contract after some time and do not fulfill the requirements, so that they lose nothing.
Non-professionals who are only in the market to play with customers do not care about the losses of rental companies and its effect on their business, which means that choosing the wrong company to outsource means taking a risk in the core business.

Low participation between teams

Another problem is the placement of teams between both companies. The team of the rental company is already demotivated by the outsourcing decision and they are not comfortable entertaining the hiring company to complete a certain task and they play the opposite role instead of teamwork.
Building a team between two companies is not easy because some time the hiring company team does not show things properly to the internal team and this is where the argument and blame starts.

Restoring is not easy

Corrections, step by step focus and progress of the task according to the decided following chart is almost impossible because staffing companies do not allow too much interference in their plan. Some plan restores are also not supported. Salaried company, because they consider everything paid work.

Issues about role and team responsibility

Labor conflict is too common in IT services between rental company and rented company because the contract does not cover many things in public, so both sides take advantage of it and manipulate things by arguing and blaming, which is not good for a company that invests until tomorrow right.
In the end, the ultimate goal of outsourcing with this game of changing roles and responsibilities does nothing for the rental company.

Party staff of the rental company

The rental company also has an IT team that has to do IT things with an external company that handles all the company’s IT things from the outside and this is the beginning of a new war because the internal team of the company become a competitor to the outsourced company and always refer all problems to them mainly In SEO services.

Working time difference

The most common problem is the time or working time difference where two companies work together but do not have a common working time which leads to a slow working day or slow progress to a crucial task, so the same time zone and working hours are necessary for both companies, especially in digital marketing for the company.


Since outsourcing is risky for the business in medium and below medium companies for many reasons, it is up to you to decide what kind of outsourcing you are willing to do, such as full IT consulting outsourcing or only some specific tasks.

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